Present an osteoporosis case study

An osteoporosis case study will be presented in the following discussion. Before heading towards the case study let me tell you what is meant by osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a serious medical condition when the bone of an individual becomes fragile and delicate from the loss of tissue. Osteoporosis is a result of the deficiency of vitamin D, or vitamin C or due to hormonal changes. The case study is about 52 year old women who suffered immense bone pain just after her menopause. She initially did not have any answers for her this condition. It is a strictly osteoporosis case study/ case study on osteoporosis. The family history of the patient revealed that the patient’s mother had osteoporosis, anxiety, and hypertension. Upon the medical examination, the patient got her answers that she had osteoporosis. Observing the patient’s heredity, menopausal state, it can be concluded that the risk of osteoporosis was quite high for her.  The case study show cased that the patient had less ability for calcium absorption levels. After studying the case history the doctors suggested few remedies for the patient so to some extent she got some of her answers. The study of patients related to osteoporosis is always considered to be quite serious. After studying the patient’s condition doctors suggested that the patient should use Premerin and Fosamax by which she can enjoy a great quality of life. It was a great relief for her as one of the main answers was addressed by the doctors. Arguably, above mentioned two of the medicines can achieve good outcome for her as in her case the osteoporosis is in a delicate stage

Case study on osteoporosis

Another case study for osteoporosis/ essay on osteoporosis/ osteoporosis essay’s will be presented in the following discussion. It is the world renowned hesi case study osteoporosis.  The reason for the patient named kat has increased risk for osteoporosis as she had body max index of 19 due to the intake of excessive alcohol. It was asked in the hesi case study osteoporosis that what medical history of her suggests that Kat had the risk of osteoporosis the answers by her respective nurse and doctors were she discontinued the  estrogen  therapy 4 years ago. The case study also highlighted the question about how would the doctors and the nurses will respond to her condition? They answered that most of the people having osteoporosis do not have any symptoms. In this case study also the patient was advised to take Fosamax. The Bone problem was answered mainly the nurses and the doctors of kat. Hesi case study osteoporosis quizlet will be presented now. The flash card of the case study is:

  • Excessive alcohol intake so Kat’s body mass index was 19
  • It was suggested that she should take part in the sports and other activities for making her bones stronger.
  • Additionally, many people do not have any symptoms related to osteoporosis

Osteoporosis case study answers have been provided in this entire case study. Furthermore, osteoporosis case study quizlet is also presented in this case study. Furthermore there are many osteoporosis essays.